Top Ten Bedroom Tax Solutions

This is a blog about trains. But every now and then I learn about something I feel I need to bring to the attention of others. It might be something to do with politics, or one of my other interests, not for profits. Then it might just pop up here.

Diplomatic Workshopping at Barcampnfp

One of my interests outside of travel, is the world of not for profits. I’ve connected with quite a few people working in this world, following some not for profit work I did. These wonderful people introduced my to the concept of Bar Camps.

Paddington and Pigeons

Even people who love trains are fallible when it comes to getting their timing spot on. Recently (right now, today) I managed to miss the last train which can be boarded with a super off-peak return ticket – bought with a railcard. After this deadline, the fare jumps from £34 to £118.15 (or a whopping…