Weddings in India

While some people go in for the corporate doesn’t mean anything anyway line on Valentine’s Day it is still a day when other people’s love lives and your own are uncomfortably thrown into the spotlight. So why not ditch it and go and celebrate someone else’s wedding in India?

Travelling In Delhi Alone as a Woman

Women have to be careful in Delhi. I love Delhi and hope you will too. There are plenty of very friendly intelligent people here. But there are also some nasty bastards, so using common sense when it comes to travelling at night is a good idea.

Making Masala Chai

The British persuaded people in India to grow and drink tea in the 50s. They didn’t want China to have a monopoly on the growing and exporting of tea. Today, masala chai tastes great. Here’s how you make Indian tea, it won’t taste as good but still worth it.