Posts about travelling by train in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland in the UK, and indeed Ireland itself

50p Train Ticket from London to Birmingham

London to Birmingham for 50p! Who cares if you have absolutely no reason to go to Birmingham, there's um... there's a great vintage shop and... a Grayson Perry vase in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Go even if you're just going for the ride itself...

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On Running Away to India

In November 2012 I lost my trumpet. Unable to sell myself to the point where I was making enough money to get by, and drowning in a sea of SEO copywriting, I wanted to do something. Naturally, I fled to India with the last of the money I had.

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The First Virgin Conspiracy Escalates

The British government scrapped a rather expensive deal which would have seen Virgin looking after the West Coast Mainline rather than FirstGroup. The Department for Transport's not-too-friendly history with Virgin made me think perhaps breaking the deal was part of a larger conspiracy. Everyone loves a conspiracy.

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Social Media Week London 2012

Social Media Week is interesting because it is for all kinds of people who work online in different industries. It gives people like me, who can usually be found lingering in the travel space, the opportunity to hang out with the non-for-profit crowd and contribute as best I can.

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