Posts about travelling by train in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland in the UK, and indeed Ireland itself

On the Brighton Pride Trains

On this trip to Brighton I stood by the Volks Electric Railway, an actual train, and walked in the Pride procession. You could call the Pride procession the Pride Train. You know, if you wanted to. In the spirit of Pride I wore pink and had fun.

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The First Virgin Conspiracy

Virgin Trains ran the East Coast Mainline for a decade. Then suddenly FirstGroup won a bid at great expense to take over from Virgin. It made absolutely no business sense. This lead me to speculate that it was all a big conspiracy lead by the Department for Transport.

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How to Keep Cheap Eurostar Tickets

How do you solve a problem like how to save money with Eurostar when you haven’t got all your dates confirmed? I found a solution that will buy you a week of time while you finalise all the other parts of the trip. This post tells you what I found.

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