The Longest-Tunnel-In-The-World Project Makes Ends Meet

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A visitor standing at the Erstfeld-Amsteg part of the tunnel. (Arnd Wiegmann/RUETERS)

There are some fantastic acronyms on the rails at the moment.

The ICE high-speed train from Germany arrives into St. Pancras next week. Today, ends are due to meet at the NEAT tunnel, which will carry high-speed trains from Zurich-Milan.

Miners drilling from the south and north of Switzerland are expected to be able to wave to each other later today

as 14 years’ worth of tunnel construction pays off. The 35.4-mile-long, around £6.5 billion Gotthard Tunnel will take the world’s-longest-tunnel title from Japan’s 33.5-mile-long Seikan Tunnel.

Around 2,500 miners were employed from across Europe and beyond for the project and they’ve removed enough rock to build several pyramids since it began. Sadly, in that time eight have died.

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