A New Experience on the British Pullman. (Shopping!)

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On the first day of December a great train gave to me… a Christmas shopping on the rails ride. The British Pullman by Orient-Express has for the first time ever (in living memory at least) run a shopping trip on the train. The idea was good – a chance to buy gifts from luxury British brands on a very British train. Each retailer had a carriage to create a little shop in, and each set up their shop in a different way. Cath Kidston, ever the marketing genius, made special badges, which even the more elderly passengers pinned to their lapels. (Just imagine everyone had lapels).

Cute huh?

For lunch, there was fillet steak. There are few things finer on Earth than the fillet steak -and a 12pm glass of champagne beforehand. Lovely. The steak was served with what I thought was cabbage and so munched happily away on. When glancing at the menu the discovery was made that it was actually Creamed Brussels Sprouts. This has¬†inadvertently¬†saved Christmas, as I usually hate sprouts but have to cook them (blame my father). Anyways, here’s a video of the day: