A Suitcase That is a Backpack

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Recently I agreed to review a suitcase that is a backpack because I thought it would be pretty cool to have a suitcase that is a backpack. All I would have to do was blog about the suitcase that is a backpack and it would be mine. Magic. At first I was enamoured with my suitcase that is a backpack…

See that gaze? That is what I look like when I’m in love.

But soon I found because the straps were flappy, one was catching under the right wheel. There was a near straptastrophe. I was devastated. I wheeled my suitcase that is a backpack to the top of stairs and had to carry it like my regular suitcase, which I am also enamoured with – but because it makes me look important, and I am very important, not because of its utility.

It is true I could have put the straps in their strap pocket whenever I wanted to wheel the thing – but this would defeat the point of the slick ground-to-back-in-seconds joy that having a suitcase that is a backpack is supposed to give.

I still pine for a suitcase that is a backpack which seamlessly incorporates straps that don’t catch under wheels. It would be great for all my train journeys. But I’m not that bothered.

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