A Visit to the Brand Spanking New St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel

Last week Laura, @aboutlondon, editor of golondon.about.com and I went to have a sneaky peaky at the fabulous new St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel.

The entrance lobby is pleasant, with water flavoured on the one side by limes, on the other, strawberries. Perhaps the carpets in the lobby could have been consistent with those on the grand staircase, rather than so modern. But I guess there are different requirements for each space.

We spent a long time looking at the magnificent staircase and gorgeous fresco at the top of it. Then were led through the stunning hallway and into rooms we could never afford ourselves.

The first was designed perfectly, although I personally could never stay with a partner in a room without a bathroom door. I loved the features and the historic paint-colour (historic paint-colour?)

I loved the way you could see the carved figures on the exterior of the building out of the window.

Of note also were the doorknobs. I really liked the doorknobs.

We were shown another Grand Room, again with a beautiful mirror, lovely bedspread.

Then Laura asked for a tour of the more modest part of the hotel. We found these rooms quite agreeable. The views were actually probably the best in the place – you could see the back of St. Pancras and the British Library.

Downstairs, the breakfast room was spacious and the food on the side looked fairy-tale good (fudge and cookies on platters covered by glass lids, cup-cakes on the side).

What a privilege for London to have this hotel restored back to it’s former glory.

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  1. Laura Porter

    Great photos! So glad you enjoyed the tour too. I’m looking forward to trying those Victorian-inspired cocktails very soon.

    1. QunoSpotter

      I want a Victorian cocktail right this minute… I shall contact a bartender.

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