The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – Castle in the City

Railway Hotels can be found worldwide. Often remnants of a time when rail travel was the way to travel, hotels like the Fairmont in Vancouver were built to accommodate the glamorous train travellers when they stopped over or reached their destinations. This castle in the city was built chateaux style.

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Explore Canada By Train

These were thoughts I had before my first trip to North America. It was going to be a blog defining, eye opening trip filled with trees, bears and maple syrup. But I didn’t know that yet. Maybe I could have guaranteed the trees and maple syrup.

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Top Ten Bedroom Tax Solutions

This is a blog about trains. But every now and then I learn about something I feel I need to bring to the attention of others. It might be something to do with politics, or one of my other interests, not for profits. Then it might just pop up here.

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