Bank Holiday Monday 27th December | Last Week in Trains

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Last week, Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond announced the high speed rail route between London and Birmingham (HS2) would go ahead – but with 50% of the preferred route amended. The amendments were made following protests from people living in Conservative party heartlands. ITV and The Telegraph had this video of protestors:

And the BBC had this report.

The Metro reported the possibility passengers travelling home on Christmas Eve might be refused seats if they did not have reservations. I saw the headline on the paper. I panicked. I’d left my flat late after watching Caspar and wrapping. What if I missed my train? But the article went on to say this would only be the case if trains were full. The trains were not full and the station was relatively calm. No one was getting flustered, even though there were long queues at the fast ticket machines.

Finally, a hell of a lot of marijuana has been found in a railroad carriage in the States. Apparently it happens a couple of times a year. 356 pounds of marijuana, valued at more than $400,000 was found at the Cargill plant in Blair, Nebraska. For the full article click here.

(AP Photo/Christina House, Pool)