Fixing Rail Prices With Social Media.

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British trains are too expensive. The government says they want to sort this out with £3.5bn worth of cuts. Great! Sadly this doesn’t mean said government has agreed to foot the bill, but that there will be job cuts, fewer staff on platforms and more fast ticket machines. It would also likely mean peak fares going up, and commuters paying even more than they do now. There has to be a better way. Short of asking all the retired railway-enthusiasts in the country if they want to run the entire network for the fun of it – perhaps it’s time for some interactive social media debate. If one guy can suddenly persuade millions of people they want Joseph Kony arrested (or dead) using celebrities, Mark Zuckerberg, scores of young people and a viral video – until policy makers listen (however intimidating the implications of this are) – perhaps some of these thousands of angry, intelligent commuters, can think of a solution and make their own video…


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  1. VisitingEU

    Great idea! I’m in. I think that rail prices in the UK are getting ridiculously high. There are so few routes left where you can even get good discounts if you book way in advance that soon most people will be priced out of the market altogether. I like your idea of using social media as a tool for positive change!

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