Ghost Hunting Underneath Bristol Temple Meads

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On a weekend in May, Dusk Till Dawn Events organised a ghost walk. The walk explored the vaults underneath Bristol Temple Meads, which I’d wanted to see for some time. Prospective ghost hunters were greeted by Sue, her husband Mike and the rest of the Dusk Till Dawn team.
‘So I hear a medium is coming along tonight,’ I said.
‘Yes, that’s me. Mike and I are mediums.’ Sue replied.
The assembled ghost geeks – plus a blonde pink-jumper wearing ex-Big Brother winner – went into Exeter House, a building in front of the station…

Sue gave everyone an introduction before we left for the tunnels (that isn’t a ghost behind her).


The entrance to the tunnels could be seen below the entrance to Temple Meads, which looked more foreboding than usual.

The mediums said they saw a few ghosts while we were down there – a drunk who had ‘choked on his own vomit,’ a little boy with a flat cap who had died a horrible death with his family…
We found a creepy ladder
And after a break there was a chance to use some ghost catching equipment

Most of the walk was conducted in the pitch black. The tunnels were musty. There were empty crates that used to hold wine that had been there since the 50s.

There was some ‘table-tipping’ at the end which saw everyone place their fingers on a table top, and the table move ‘of its own accord.’ A chair broke at the same time the table fell over and the lady sitting on it said, ‘either I’m a fat cow or it was the ghosts!’
It was a long night from 9.30pm – 3am but I think it would make for a good exclusive birthday party – that way you’d be with your friends, rather than strangers who so desperately wanted to see ghosts they kept shouting at them.

The access the team get to some of the places in Britain that would normally be closed to the public is impressive. The opportunity to explore the vaults underneath Temple Meads is very rare.

The team do, however, explore many interesting old buildings at night and any one of these experiences is worth a go have a look at their website to see what’s on next.

The trip was made possible by Nora at Visit England, Dusk Till Dawn Events, First Great Western (who were exceedingly helpful) and my mother, who allowed me to stay in her house for free.

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  1. anne oreilly

    me and my physic friend Kerry Dimond is extremly interested in this please can you provide more information and times/dates when available

  2. Sophie

    I have received the terrible news that ghost hunts have now been banned at Bristol Temple Meads. There are other opportunities to go Ghost Hunting with Dusk Till Dawn Events. Have a look on their website for more information.


    can you give me information on ghost hunting please thank you

    1. Sophie

      Hi John, so the company I went with is called Dusk Till Dawn Events – They were lucky to get access as it is not often granted but you can ask them if they have plans to do another even beneath Temple Meads. They do ghost hunts in a lot of very interesting abandoned places. Hope that helps.

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