It’s My Birthday, I Want to Share it With You | #postclub

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In another Twitter life I go by another Twitter name. A while ago in this life, I discussed with @siansparkles how I missed getting things in the post. As much as I love the internet (it gave me a job, amongst other things) our love of emails, Facebook and indeed Twitter make the thread I hang my cards on at Christmas increasingly bare.

@siansparkles had an idea and I created a hashtag: #postclub. We’ve sent a few letters and postcards between us and I think it would be great if it caught on.

So in honour of my birthday tomorrow, I have a collection of postcards and stamps. If you want some post (or mail, if you’re in the States) drop me a DM with an address for me to send it to – or email – And I’ll think of something to write on the back.