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I’ve actually been sitting on this one for some time (sorry, couldn’t resist). I saw a post about Luke’s books, ‘A Loo With A View’ and the more recent ‘Good Loo Hunting,’ a few weeks ago. I emailed asking if there were any particularly good views either from train station toilets, or of trains from toilets in other places.

I got quite an excited reply – which I’ll post here as a guest post. I also think it ties in nicely with this week’s #FriFotos as not only has Luke provided two excellent photographs – but you still have today and tomorrow to order the books as stocking fillers. Aces.

You can visit www.looswithviews.com and find the books on Amazon too.

I‘m very keen on loos with train related views! The best I found is in Ribblehead, North Yorkshire Dales, UK. At the ‘Station Inn’ pub… Gents get a great view of the magnificent Ribblehead Viaduct on the Settle-Carlisle line. To fully enjoy the view you must be standing at the left hand urinal, of course. Particularly exciting when a train is crossing the viaduct…

I also heard a rumour that at Fishhoek station, near Cape Town, South Africa, it’s possible to see Southern Right Whales in the bay from the toilet on the platform (through a window while seated) especially during mating season, when whales gather in the bay.

Again, I haven’t seen this for myself, but I’ve heard that loos on Trans-Siberian Express have views. And there must be other trains around the world that have loo views – maybe your readers will know of some…

Attached is a photo of the view from the Ribblehead urinal – featured in ‘A Loo with a View’ (accompanied by a photo of the urinal with viaduct visible through window – bonafide proof that it’s a view from a loo).”

The Urinal at the Station Inn in Ribblehead
The Viaduct as Viewed from the Gents at the Station Inn, Ribblehead

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