Monday 21st February | Last Week in Trains

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It gives me great pleasure to begin with a lighter piece. This is the news that last week, a train driver was attacked by a seagull as he walked along the platform to his train. First-aiders were called to the scene. An announcement was made. Commuters standing on the platform at Tonbridge station burst out laughing. The Guardian asked readers for their own stories of excuses. Click the image below to link through to the Comment is Free page. Amongst the ridiculous comments and those from people who seem to have misunderstood the premise, are such gems as, ‘The train has been delayed due to the collapse of a Roman sewer at York,’ and

‘We apologise for the poor service this evening, this is due to the new boss of London Underground being an accountant. Thank you,’ and

‘We don’t know what we’re doing.’

Photograph: Dimitri Messinis/AP

In other news, the final stages of the £30m East Midlands Trains refurbishment has begun. When it is completed all the trains will have been refurbished. We also learn from the article, that the East Midlands Trains MD is called Tim Shoveller. I hope he drives steam trains sometimes, I really do. See full report.

Finally, East Coast Trains have announced a timetable shake-up which will free up three million extra seats a year. Changes include more trains to London from the north-east, daily services from Lincoln and a train every 30 minutes from Leeds to King’s Cross. See full report.