Monday 7th March 2011 | Last Week in Trains

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I begin with a story I saw yesterday, when @GoldenTours tweeted it. 19 year-old mother Ulrike Kracht was taking her luggage off a Deutsche Bahn train in Germany, when the automatic doors closed. Her daughter Marie Luise was still inside.

Deutsche Bahn employees banged on the doors as Ulrike panicked, but when she asked them to radio the driver to hold the train, she was told the train ‘must run on schedule.’ The train pulled away with her daughter on board and travelled for an hour to Neurippin without Ulrike, who was in a police car racing alongside it. You can read the full story in the Telegraph here.

Over in Japan, the new Hayabusa (which translates as ‘peregrine’) bullet train has been launched. It operates at 185mph. Demand for travel on the first day was so great that one ticket sold for nearly £3,000 on the internet. For an additional charge, passengers can travel GranClass – in which there are leather seats, personal reading lights and an unlimited supply of alcoholic drinks. I’m not sure how much of a good idea the all-you-can-drink option is, but it sounds fancy. To read the full Sky News article which features an exciting video of the dolphin-esque train click here.

Southeastern Trains announced that it’s going to put 60 extra trains into service to carry passengers to London for the Virgin London Marathon, Sunday 17th April. Extra services will run from Charing Cross, Waterloo East and London Bridge to Blackheath, Greenwich and Maze Hill. To read the report click here.