Moore At Hatfield House | A Very Splendid Preview

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On a beautiful summer-like day in April the bloggers went to Hatfield House to play… arriving by train…

Anyone who has been to the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds or the Tate in London might’ve fallen in love with the accomplished sculptor’s work. Huge brass structures with curves that allude to the curves of women’s bodies and those found in nature as well as sculptures of women.

Moore at Hatfield House
Moore at Hatfield House

As we stand in a circle around one of Moore’s students, he describes the artist to us as ‘very naughty.’ And I think how very, very English it all is.

The grounds are prepossessing with all manner of plants and particularly wonderful flowers everywhere.

The sculptures fit perfectly, because they were designed to be at home in a setting like this. In fact, it is pointed out to us that Moore found many of his sculptures ended up in urban environments when they were never created with such environments in mind.

For lunch, we are taken to a hall where there are several round tables covered with white table clothes and with wine glasses beside the plates and cutlery. There are caterers serving salmon and potatoes, beef and salad and for the vegetarians (and later me) feta and vegetable stacks.

Red and white wine are brought to us.

When most of the bloggers have had two servings dessert is brought out. A fruits of the forest small cakey thing (I’m not a food blogger) with a side of clotted cream.

And then, then when I am very full coffee and chocolates are brought out.

After lunch, Andy manages to negotiate a private viewing of the house itself. The armoury is very impressive and of note are a pair of Queen Elizabeth’s silk stockings in a cabinet. The whole place smells woody.

Just before we leave I am told Tomb Raider was partly filmed at Hatfield House. This I find almost as exciting as lunch.

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