Olympics Party 2012

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Let’s have an Olympics Party 2012.

On my way to Paris recently, I spotted these guys. It’s always fun to travel with exciting people (on my way to Rio in 2006 I flew with the cast of Dhoom 2) but I did wonder why they were heading away from London.

After going to Sicily by train and spending two weeks away, I expected to return to scenes of chaos, and perhaps even violence, with people passing out in crushes all over the place.

The reality was a barely populated Gatwick and an almost empty train to Blackfriars.

Blackfriars itself was empty. The one interesting thing to note about the above picture is that it’s taken from the only place you can see the platform number – right at the end of the platform – which means Network Rail need to add another sign.

That’s the point of interest at a train station during the Olympics? Platform signage?


Was London really so over-paranoid everyone’s hiding under their duvets at home? Forgive me, but I was actually kind of hoping to get a little involved. Our pitch video suggested we wanted to go out and have fun with the Olympics. Do let me know if I’m missing a trick. And if I’m not, can we make a party? Can Tripbod help?

I’m going to give this one a hashtag too – #olympicsparty. Get involved!

Virgin Trains ran the East Coast Mainline for a decade. Then suddenly FirstGroup won a bid at great expense to take over from Virgin. It made absolutely no business sense. This lead me to speculate that it was all a big conspiracy lead by the Department for Transport.