The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – Castle in the City

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Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – Castle in the City
The railway hotel in Vancouver is the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Many cities and towns across the world served by railways have railway hotels. These were built to host the passengers who travelled to those places by train. And Canada is no exception.


It’s easy to see why the hotel is referred to as the ‘castle in the city.’ Built in chateaux style, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver really stands out among all the more modern buildings which surround it.


In 1887 the first Hotel Vancouver opened. It was replaced in 1916 by something grander in the same place. In 1928 work began on the third and current Hotel Vancouver. It took eleven years to complete and opened on May 25th, 1939 just in time for George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s first tour of Canada.


The beds are pretty fab.


Perhaps you’l have some important work to get done while you’re here. I could use one of these at home.


The pool has had its finishing touches added quite recently and is simply magnificent. There’s a wonderful view and it is very light inside. Swimming along pretending to be Lara Croft or, I dunno, Oscar Wilde, is an idea. Bet that’s the first time you’ve seen Lara Croft and Oscar Wilde in the same sentence.


Living here wouldn’t be too difficult, I imagine.


Great rack. Even the small details are well executed.





The dining spaces are excellent too. Even if you don’t stay, a visit to the bar or restaurant makes for a pleasant afternoon or evening.


Last minute, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver costs from $349 a night at the best available rate. The staff are incredibly helpful and will happily show you round.

The SkyTrain from Vancouver International Airport costs $7.50 into town. A cab will cost $50 and the ride isn’t as fun.

I visited the Fairmont while on a trip kindly hosted by the Canadian Tourism Commission. It was blogged live on and with the hashtag #TMKcanada, and posts also appeared on with the hashtag #ExploreCanada.

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