#riotcleanup goes to Hackney

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So this has been a really long time coming, and for that I apologise. Post riots the non-organisation #riotcleanup, which had been started by everyone (yes you too) was at a crossroads: what next? You can read a bit about that on Abigail King’s blog. But this is about the first in a series of clean-up-related adventures. I was contacted by a bloke called Chris whose team had a day off to do some volunteering. They quite fancied helping the clean-up effort. Chris asked if there might be something they could do. So I contacted¬†Ian Rathbone,¬†the councillor for Hackney, and asked if there were any spaces that needed transforming. He thought for a bit then suggested an allotment on an estate. So we exchanged details and not long after there we all were, spreading a pile of steaming stuff all over Dot and John’s lovely allotment. See how it went for yourself: