Weddings in India

It’s coming up to Valentine’s day. I know this only because the Twitter timeline is beginning to fill up with desperate attempts to link travel-related stuff with love-related stuff, resulting in a cataclysm of travel-love ideas like, ‘propose atop the Eiffel tower on Valentine’s day.’ A cold and windy proposal after a three hour queue with a bunch of tourists? Yes please!

Thought a bit of colour and some pictures of an Indian wedding or two would be more fun. This wedding took place in Jaisalmer, which is 17 hours by train from Old Delhi station. The reservation centre by H Nizamuddin station, where the train to Agra departs from, is the best place to buy a tatkal (last minute) train ticket. Tatkal tickets go on sale at 10am the day before you wish to travel.

And this was in Delhi by the side of the road

In India, the wedding season follows directly after Diwali. There are nights where so many weddings are taking place simultaneously, that the processions cross paths. Fireworks are let off in the street (be careful) and bands play. There’s so much life and so much food at an Indian wedding that you’ve never felt so immersed in celebration. Fourteen dishes, featuring seven sweets and seven curries at the one I attended in Jaisalmer. Not to mention the naan breads coming out of the fire billowing from a big steel drum.

So this year, why not skip the awkward dinner and head to India to enjoy someone else’s wedding?

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