The New King’s Cross Station Concourse… And Toilets

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The brand new shiny concourse has opened at King’s Cross Station. King’s Cross might once have been aptly referred to as St. Pancras’ ugly sister. But look at it now…

It has a Benito’s Hat restaurant and everything.

Now, for many people, toilets are very important in places like this. I was hoping that some of the investment into the station would have gone towards fabulous toilets. Perhaps to rival even those at the Bullring in Birmingham. Sadly the new King’s Cross toilets are a more utilitarian affair and they cost 30 pence to use…

However, the powerful flush is admirable.

To make up for the boring station toilets, it is worth heading to the Parcel Shed pub. Feast your eyes on their toilets, they are free to use (in that there are no signs to say otherwise)…

And the view from said toilets…


Not only do they serve Butcombe Bitter in the pub, but the whole place is decked out in train-themed design…

It is light (it even has a ‘light pool’), airy and a welcome retreat when waiting for a train. The seats are comfy, the music is good.

Access to the Underground at the station is obvious…

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Harry Potter‘s Platform 9 3/4 has moved in…

Network Rail’s guide to the changes.

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  1. John Kennedy

    A beautiful description of the new King’s Station, shame the taxi rank (pick up) area is a little small…

    1. Sophie

      Thanks John, they should have consulted you about taxi rank space!

  2. Lynne Gray

    Great post Sophie – I come into St Pancras when in London but usually walk between the two stations to get some ‘freshish’ air before getting on the tube. Has been fascinating to watch the developments.

    1. Sophie

      One day you’ll have to take a detour to the cemetery round the corner for some real fresh air – it’s beautiful too.

  3. Lissy

    The toilets in Kings cross (the new section) are disappointing, every time I have used them they have been dirty and at least one toilet was not working. Yesterday however there were five out of nine toilets not working and the staff still insisted on taking my 30 pence. They have even taken to charging for use of the baby room to change a nappy. I came out of there feeling angry and disgusted. When you pay to use facilities you expect them to work and to be clean and the staff to at least be understanding!

    1. Sophie

      I don’t think anybody should have to pay to use toilets at any time. I know the tradition of paying to pee goes back as far as spending a penny but as somebody who pees a lot I really think the freedom to do so should be a human right. Tap water is free so it should be to pee!

  4. Bruce Martin

    Nice post Sophie. I’ve always travelled home via platforms 9-11. The ugly sister platforms in comparison to 1-8 (or should I say 0-8).

    In MY day, you were lucky to have an AMT Coffee stand open at platforms 9-11. Now its mental. 4 cash points, a real ale pub, loads of restaurants, M&S. Amazing.

    I do think they have over-concessioned it. Too many eating places. they will all struggle I think. Passing trade isnt that good.

    I’d always pay the 30p for toilets, I cant stand the awkward walk to a pub toilet!

  5. Rrobeert Goff

    Its a pity the design of the toilets is so appealing in the gents. The automatic flush sensor is set right in the middle immediately above the toilet pan so when you sit down you get a wet bum. Get it together guys its not rocket science especially at 30p to pee

  6. Rinatsu

    Visited King’s Cross station for the first time in my life few days ago (because of Harry Potter haha). Was totally disappointed. Saw pictures on Google how the platform 9 3/4 used to look like. Now I’m totally disappointed… Sad… :/

    1. Sophie

      It’s a shame that they turned platform 9 3/4 into an attraction – when it first arrived anyone could go up and take a photo without paying for all the gimmickry… I reckon you might get away with it after closing 😉

    2. Sophie

      That’s a shame, a friend camped out waiting for them all to go home so he enjoy Platform 9 3/4 without all the marketing. Hats off to him.

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