The Train-loving Drag Queen

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Now, I could talk about last week’s eye-opening World Travel Market, or the fabulous Fortean Times UnConvention. But I thought It’d be more fun to write about someone I met at a pub by King’s Cross at the post-convention quiz. Because he loves trains.

‘What’s your name?’ I ask.

‘Dan, but let me write my stage name down for you.’ He is dressed in a white sequin-studded lycra dress with a big-hair white wig and has a noticeable stutter.

‘It’s Tia-Anna-Soreass-wrecked – a pun on the dinosaur,’ he says in a flat tone that belies the humour.

‘And why do you like trains so much?’ I ask.

‘I’ve always liked trains, especially the electric ones, not so much the steam, although I think steam is great. They’re a safe and reliable way to travel. I like the electric trains because they’re so modern. I used to live in Sidcup near Dartford and most of the trains were ordinary, but occasionally we got unusual ones – mainline ones that were diverted. When they brought in these new ones they were called the networkers, 456s and better than the old crappy ones – they were tequila slammers on wheels,’ he smiles. ‘One day I’d like to go to Ireland and travel on their trains…’

‘I’d better go and get ready for my act.’ after adjusting his blonde barnet he disappears behind the stage.