Trains in Unusual Places | A Train In A Field In The Highlands

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Somewhere between Balmoral and Aviemore, past landscape scarred by burnt heather and hills as far as the eye can see, there’s a couple of train carriages on some farm land. Running up to them, it is not possible to see why they’re there. But beside sheep and grass and a tumbledown farmhouse, I think they are really quite beautiful.

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  1. Christian

    It’s a great photo!

  2. Sophie


  3. Joel

    Hello, I realise this is a very old post but it just flashed up when I was googling things. I’m making a short film somewhat inspired by the Beeching Axe in 1969, and I’d really like to get a shot of this. Do you remember at all in any more detail where you found it? Don’t worry if not, nice picture!

    All the best,

    1. Sophie

      Hi – sorry for delayed reply! It was on the road between Aviemore and Balmoral Castle but that’s the most help I can be I’m afraid.

      Good luck!


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