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As some of you will know by now (particularly London-based bloggers) I am setting up a new blog. For me. With the help of @theaussienomad. He’s been in Spain for… a really long time, but now he’s back and we’re going to set the thing up this weekend. Trouble is, in all that time I’ve not come up with a new name.

On Sunday I went to tea with @BestLovedHotels, @HotelPRGuy and @AboutLondon. @BestLovedHotels thought I should reclaim my name from another life, SoMiraculous… there was discussion. People weren’t overwhelmed by the brilliance of this suggestion.

Last night @candacerardon suggested Sophie on Track. Some said that would be too long (@sophieontrack) but I’m not sure it is. I said I could shorten it to So on Track. But @501places pointed out that I’d become ‘soon track’ (@soontrack). I want the name to be my own, separate from a company, but retaining the fact my niche is train travel (mostly). And adaptable for the name of my blog and my Twitter name.

I’m morphing this weekend. So what do you think?

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  1. Charles Yap

    I’m already following you on @SoMiraculous. Whichever name you end up with, glad to be friends with you! 🙂

  2. Kevin Tennent

    Miraculous Connection? Puts miraculous together with the transport theme and a spiffy play on words.

  3. Dru Marland

    Sophier Central? 🙂

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