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I described my brother’s decision to return early from a trip to Thailand a month ago, in this post. This is a follow-up guest post written by the man himself.

So this is my follow up to my sister’s blog post about my (failed) gap year. The post almost made it seem like I took the decision to leave and come home lightly. I did not. But I was unwilling to spend loads of money, on what should be the time of my life, on the indeterminate amount of awful weeks it may take for me to be happy.

Anyway, having said my bit about that, back to the journey at hand. (A trip which is NOT a substitute for three months travelling in Asia).
As soon as I retuned from Bangkok I made the decision to go for a week’s Cornish, cottage getaway with my girlfriend. A super relaxing, beach holiday in the good ol’ English countryside, where I’d be able to breathe the fresh air and still be in a balmy eighteen degrees or so.

We’re now on our second train from Plymouth to Penzance, stopping at Hayle (where we’re staying). Not really sure what to say about trains, they’re my favourite way to travel. No motion sickness, mostly quiet and spacious, you’re never usually forced to sit with randomers for long journeys and you travel the best scenic country routes. Well worth the extra money when compared with other modes of transport, I reckon. Which isn’t much more anyway, if you have a rail card, which we do.

Two returns from Bristol Temple Meads to Hayle (with railcards) cost us about £84, £42 each. We didn’t really book in advance. Most cottages and holiday homes we knew of through family and friends were unavailable or too expensive. It was the same on websites too, booking so close to the Easter hols. But we did find a late deal on a nice little cottage-lodge thing. £200 for the both of us, for a week. The place is equipped with everything we need and very close to the beach. So in total it’s £280 (£140 each) for the whole thing – To get to Hayle, very close to St Ives, and stay in a nice relaxed beach-side apartment – modern but with cottage charm. Yeah. Not a bad price for country walks, surf, sand, pubs and all round Cornish goodness. Compared to a ridiculous 20hrs of travel and £450 return to go to manic, super humid, smelly Bangkok for a week. However that’s just if you’re a wuss like me. Bangkok is actually pretty cool in some ways and isn’t really a basis for judging the rest of the country, which I’m sure would have been amazing.

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  1. St Ives

    You can now get from Paddington to Penzance for £50 and then a ten min train ride to St Ives, but the latter 10 min ride is one of the most spectaculer train rides in the UK. Breathtaking.

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