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I’ve just been in The World Travel Market Global Trends Report conference. In fact, I’m sitting in the press centre right this minute to write this.
The report covered several trends (including, interestingly, the fact that Iraq is at WTM for the first time in a decade). I was most interested in what it had to say about social media.

The report states that, ‘Following the success of the iPhone, smartphones are revolutionising the travel industry.’
In fact Quno teamed up with with SCVNGR a few months ago to set up station-related smartphone games that you could download the SCVNGR app and play.

The report goes on to suggest that, ‘smartphone penetration is expected to reach 92% in Europe by 2014 according to Ovum.’ That’s a very ambitious statement, but exciting nonetheless.

Social media was mentioned as the ‘next battleground’ for travel booking companies. So I stood up (a little shakily as my face was magnified on a screen at the front) and asked how the panel envisaged this battleground playing out…

The consensus was that social media would become increasingly important and was changing the face of the travel industry. The panel also alluded to internet television in the more distant future.

I’m off to grapple with the sheer size of this conference now!

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  1. Jools Stone

    Your Foursquare app looks like it’s good fun. I curse myself for sticking with a dumbphone! Think 92% in a few years is ambitious too. These weekly round ups are very useful and fast making mine look somewhat redundant. keep it up!

    1. Sophie

      *coughs* SCVNGR (similar to Foursquare). It is ambitious. Thanks Jools. Keep yours up too!

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