You Remove My Home From Me, UKBA

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Last night, I was distressed at how things were going down with the UKBA (UK Border Agency). They had been repeatedly tweeting the number of arrests they were making. So I tweeted the following:

UKBA Tweet Screenshot

Because I felt that if the Government wanted to frighten people in the UK with threatening behaviour, that it wasn’t the nation I’d grown up in. It wasn’t a nation I recognised. I felt displaced. And that terrified me. As you can see, my tweet struck a chord with a few people. David Quantick retweeted me. Then Irvine Welsh, then Spider Stacy from the Pogues. So I pulled up Spider Stacy’s Myspace page and put on the music in the background while I figured out what to do. Initially, I thought it would be quite nice if Irvine Welsh did a guest post on here of between 500 – 700 words about why he was distressed, to kick off a series of various guest posts from others about why they were too. But I didn’t want to tweet asking, and anyway, I couldn’t find his email address.

So I thought about other things I could do easily enough. Organising a march would be a bit much. I wanted something that might catch on…

I saw the Anti Raids people had created a poster, and had a look to see if they had a link to one I could download. And would you believe it, they did. As I’m floating around a bit at the moment, instead of pasting one to a wall. I just did this:

UKBA Poster
UKBA Poster

If you’d like, you could do the same. Email it to me at sophiemcollard[at], or Instagram it, or put it on Facebook. Do it with your friends. Do it with yourself. Do it wherever, whenever. Listen to Shakira if you like. Share it. But most importantly, have fun.

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UKBA Poster

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  1. Adam

    Wow I hadn’t heard about this but seems pretty crazy. Good on you for taking a stand, speaking up and being public about it!

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